Inspiring Fashion for Women in STEM

As a girl in engineering I love the fashionistas that help me incorporate science and engineering into my daily wardrobe.


Holly Renee creates STEM inspires clothing and prints in her clothing line Shenova Fashion. Everything from coding Hello World dresses to serotonin covered shirts. Imagine rocking these "Industrial Chic" clothes to you next job interview. Her clothing line reminds us to be both brilliant and beautiful.


Fraggles and Friggles

An epidemiologist by training, Elizabeth Mermel started Fraggles and Friggles to make science more accessible and show people how much fun it can be. From geology inspired jewelry to pun filled baby onesies, her whimsical collection is sure to make you laugh.



Svaha was started by Jaya to tackle gender stereotypes and provide fun STEM teamed shirts to young girls (and guys), but they now provide fun adult dresses and baby body suits. My personal favorite is the glow in the constellation dress!


Science Inspired Jewelry

Idoya and Luk founded Science Inspired Jewelry to spread awareness and trigger conversations about science. They want to fuel your passion for science so check our their shop and send them a chat. From dopamine rings to mitochondria necklaces, their sterling silver designs complement any outfit.

Sci Chic

Erin Winick founded Sci Chic while serving as the President  of the University of Florida's Society of Women Engineers during her junior year of college. Erin combined her sewing machine and Computer Aided Design Software to conceptualize Sci Chic. She believes science is an art form full of beauty.

Curie's Boutique

Lauren Hebert is an analytical chemist by day and founder of Curie's Boutique by night. She strives to offer quality science-inspired jewelry, gifts, and accessories at affordable prices, from chemistry cuffs to lunar warps.


Naughty Gits

Naughty Gits was started in 2017 by Calley Nye, a frontend developer and UX designer. She explains "I wear my geek badge with honor, but I wanted the options available to women to be more flattering and stylish. Also, rife with female ferocity and empowerment." Naughty Gits aims to celebrate women in tech, and serve those who want to geek out and look good at the same time.

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